Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fabulous Finds

I wanted to share with you one of those fabulous finds we sometimes stumble over in unlikely places, thrill to buy, then have your friends eschew you and ultimately, you come to appreciate it and adore it even more later on as they stare at it in wonderment and fascination. Do you know what I am saying here??? 

So here's the story. About 4 years ago, I went to my favorite July 4th outdoor antique show and sale in Salem, NY. I passed by a booth that spurred my interest with some Czech hand painted puzzles of lizards and geckos, and then saw a fabulous outsider art piece which was incongruous with the rest of the items. Sitting up on a table was a red painted chair made with soda bottle caps and tin can lids. The back of the chair was a painted canvas of an average older woman smiling. I fell in love with the bizarre art and found that the $$$ he asked for it was reasonable for my tastes, at the time. Of course, I did my norm and asked if that was his best price, and got an additional 20% off.

The chair is signed on the back- Jon Bok. When I got home and opened up the internet, I found other items he did that were also incredibly interesting- all recycled materials and globbed on. My style exactly! Apparently, Madonna and Andy Garcia and the late Dennis Hopper, agreed!
Anyway, he has done a shop in Los Angeles. You must visit the website to see how fab it is! Remix Vintage Shoes+ and all his furniture and paintings and furnishings denote the theatre and also decadence. My cup of tea.

Tell me what you think!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tax Week and Beyond

We are all feeling the pinch of the tax man this year (I know I don't speak only for myself here) but that doesn't mean we cannot appreciate the art around us and upcoming art and antique events!

My friend from Jamie's Antiques sent out a note about her take on what is happening in Europe, specifically, England, where, of course, all the buzz is ROYAL! She found some gorgeous antique silver heirlooms in Victorian lockets and "collars" and great Arts and Crafts pendants as well assembling a collection of Edwardian and Deco pieces. Be sure to visit her website at:
and see her at the Morristown Armory April 30 and May 1, in Sturbridge, Mass. at the Antique Textiles and Vintage Fashions Show and Sale May 9, and lastly, at my favorite in Rhinebeck, NY at the Fairgrounds May 28 and May 29.

Locally, in CT, there are always "finds" at where if you New Yorkers want a fun day trip, then you can visit more than 3 dozen or so Antique dealers in everything from Asian and European artifacts to Folk Art and Country furniture. Be sure to make a side trip on the winding roads to Carol Peck's restaurant somehow. You won't be disappointed.

Watch for my new posts in the next few weeks directing you to an additional and new blog/website for furniture and art consignment of designed pieces and accessories at values on the average of 70% below retail! My past clients have a few pieces they are recycling and my design resources are unloading custom items being held in their inventory. I will represent them to you and you can decide how "delicious" and irresistable they are.

See you soon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday's Mosaic Class @ Lakeside Pottery in Stamford, CT

I was a very busy girl this past weekend and attended a workshop in Mosaics at the Lakeside Pottery Studio. It was taught by a young ceramicist teacher from Rhode Island who was able to squeeze into a mere 8 hours to teach us to make a finished mosaic product for the 9 of us- all women.

Not to bore you with the details, and after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, I have set up a few photos of my ready to be grouted #8 plaque along with 3 other student's works.

After the pics, I grouted mine with grey and others used white. It dried quickly and by the time I arrived home, it was ready to hang!
You should check out their website-
Visit often as they add classes as their popularity grows. Both of the owners are artists in their own right and Patty Storms is having a showing of her art in a show of Life Lines @ Rockwell Gallery and Framing in New Canaan, CT. on April 15th.

Please support her and all new artists like myself in their endeavor to share their unique and creative visions with the general public!

Saturday's Art Event@ Artifact Design

Just a note to say the art opening preview party @ Artifact Design on RT 7 in Wilton on Saturday night was well attended and the artists, including myself, were out in numbers! It was an animated group and swelled at one point to about 70 people walking through the design gallery of furniture, photography, construction art, decorative pieces, paintings, and small sculptures, standing and wall. Some of the known artists, Frank Foster Post, Greg Clark and kHyal!, had some of their pieces sell right off the floor/wall.
Visit when you can as the show will be up until May 31 and be sure to say I sent you!