Sunday, December 19, 2010

Upcoming trip

It's very exciting to be looking forward to a trip that combines music, art and food all rolled up in a package of great architecture, history, story, and warmer climes. I am going to New Orleans for Christmas for a short stint to discover new restaurants, new outsider art, be dazzled by history and Anne Rice stories, hear some off the cuff jazz and blues, see the swamps in an airboat, explore antiquities and discover the artists who do their work with their hearts and their eyes and then their hands. I hope to return with great pictures of places and new art from all sorts of artists to share with you.

I wish you all the best for the holidays ahead- with family and friends around you who make you forget the trivialities you seem to focus on and who will warm your souls with feelings that are the most important to better your health and well being. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gift Giving and Shopping- Must be the Holiday Shows ahead

Hi Friends:

Well, if you have a passion for searching for the perfect gift that is not off the rack then visit the Wilton High School's Field House on Sunday, Dec. 5th for the Wilton Holiday Antiques Show from 10-4 with early buying @ 9:00 AM which will include a continental breakfast in the admission price. This is a fundraiser so check it out for a little special something for your tree, family, and friends.

Let's not forget that tonight is the first night of Chanukah. At my house, I make sure to do a meal of roasted chicken with latkes and applesauce which my family always looks forward to every year. Of course, when they were young, they looked forward more to the gifts they got every night, but now, as they are considerably older, they cherish the tradition of it and it holds a special place in all our hearts. Tonight is the first of the 8 nights so for safety's sake, please make sure you don't leave your candles unattended. We watch them burn down to the last flicker. Actually, by the end of the holiday I have had to clean the wax out of the candle holders at least a few times.

Now, on another note, a non-sequitur, and I know this is out of context (consider it a stream of consciousness), but I have to share with you (excited to do so) the fact that I am collecting more and more objets for my next project which is another outside piece, maybe another spectacular mailbox but could turn out to be a large birdhouse. I have been to a few shows, consignment shops and also stopped to shop a vintage toy resource online where I have accumulated a number of fabulous items; ie. vintage toy sail boats, nautically inspired jewelry-pins, necklaces, and rings, and ceramic dishes with sailing motifs. But the most fun I had was yesterday in SONO at Beadworks on Washington Street where I took a small tray and went through the myriads of beads and charms they have displayed and assorted by color and material, subsequently finding an unbelievable trove of beautiful pieces which I can use to combine with the tiles, ceramics, jewelry, vintage buttons, shells and sea glass I have amassed. So excited! Can't wait to update you!

All those out there reading this, if you see a small Neptune figure or even some plastic or metal lobsters and octopus, I am on it! I am still searching to buy small sea creatures. Comment below if you know where they could be hiding. I will make sure to stop at the Maritime Aquarium's gift shop to see if they have that little stuff to help me fill in the gaps.

For now, watch for additional posts about shows because as I get word of them, I will be sure to write it here.