Sunday, January 20, 2013

I am starting a new monthly posting for art lovers

It has been a long road through 2012 but 2013 promises new beginnings!
Because of the economy, so much has been affected in my normal course of antiquing and hunting down unique finds for myself and my followers and clients.
I have amassed my own eclectic finds which I decided I will publish a posting, monthly with a picture and a story about them.
Most recently, I found Rita Hicks Davis via the Internet, an artist called "sophisticated naif" by her own terminology, who I started collecting way back in the 80's with buying a painting called "Spring Morning" on impulse from the Jay Johnson Folk Art Gallery on MadisonAvenue in NYC.

Isn't it wonderfully sunny with its painted frame and general demeanor? I sent her an email telling her about the fact that I have 3 more of her paintings and wanting to know the stories behind them as well. It turns out she lives in Indiana,  now does rug hooking and was so pleased to know who her audience was. I look forward to her telling me stories about them so I can share them with you. Again here is another picture of her works I have on my entranceway walls in my home.
The paintings I have are called in clockwise fashion top right: "Meeting with Bill", "Blinddate", and "The Engagement". If you know her work from seeing or owning or admiring, write me here with a comment. I am looking to broaden all my art horizons.

Hope you enjoy this small info session. There will be many more to follow! Tah-tah. 

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