Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Grand Opening of a New Blog: CUISINE by Design

Dear Readers/Followers:

I have been absent from my post- like a poor soldier- for a very long time.
This does not mean I have dropped out of the loop of all things DESIGN! I have my own interior design business as you know here for a long time established with my loyal gang and following- but now, I have been working for a company in Stamford- Safavieh Home Furnishings- as one of their designers in their enlarging showroom on Atlantic Street. So many apartment buildings going up and so many new residents needing artists like my talents can provide!
But I digress from the reason I am posting.
I want to introduce you to my new and next endeavor- CUISINE by design- which I have thought about for awhile as I trolled through restaurant gatherings on Foodie oriented Meetups in Fairfield County. The people were all very nice and accommodating and some of the places were fun and delicious. But in large groups like that- you miss so much- service, conversation, and especially rushed or late food entrees.
So, I have decided to hostess my own events designed for a mere 8 diners and write/publish reviews for everyone to consider when looking for new places to explore!
Hopefully there will be pictures that will accompany the reviews and a more personal accounting of what we found along the way. I know there is YELP and ZAGAT and so forth- I am not looking to tread on their domain- but I always think it is best to get your food advice and recommendations from friends...This blog is that concept. A personal review for you to consider in the never-ending openings and closings of restaurants-bars- small cafes in Fairfield County, CT.

Hopefully you will enjoy the read!

See you soon.

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