Monday, January 17, 2011

OMG! Has it been that long since I wrote????

Hi! I am back if you missed me. Over the holidays I went to New Orleans whilst you all were buried under mountains of snow. I returned to it here just the same and have been digging out ever since as well you know.

I do have some pics to share at the end of this which are just a small taste of the tastiest place I ever visited. It was small and beautiful in its Victorian profile and Americana roots. It had the most incredibly delicious food and interesting art and music in the streets. At night, it turned magical with its colored lights and almost Venetian atmosphere of walking along the narrow cobbled streets. You must visit if you haven't just to experience the essence of NOLA.

Changing the topic, this weekend I am excited to have tickets to the Pier Show in NYC which is specializing in Americana Antiques on Saturday and Sunday. There are gobs of vendors there with vintage jewelry and accessories with just a smattering of the Judith Leiber little jeweled bags that all the glamor girls at the Globes carried, but at least, half the price. There will be furniture and specialty items that are unimaginable. There will also be crowds if there isn't a snow emergency so get there early and buy, buy, buy, even the littlest of goodies. This show comes back around in the Spring- I believe March- so if you miss it this time, plan for it again. The vintage clothing is multitudinous as well as the characters that wear them.

Please enjoy a sampling of my pictures in a stroll through New Orleans (pron. "Oarlins")...

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