Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Show Updates and Schedules

Some of my favorite vintage/antique vendors have shared their personal schedules with me and I am posting them here for you if you think you can manage time to visit them on your own. I met a new vendor at the last Pier Show called Firehouse Antiques who are from Galena, MD and who had an eclectic gathering of items from old signs to furniture and paintings, which is where I found my new art deco shard table. See picture above. As I was happily walking out with it, a woman came up to me and asked to buy it from me right then and there. She has pursued it for a week but I am loving the table and not selling right now, although, with the caveat, that for the right price, I will sell anything!. I thanked Paul and Douglas for the purchase and they in turn sent me a note telling me the places that they would be showing. I will share that with you: March Pier Show in NYC and April in Chicago for Stella Mgt., Hertans during Brimfield in May and Sept., Nan Gurley's Deerfield in August, July and October in Rhinebeck, and November Pier Show in NYC.

Then, that brings me to Jamie Shenkman @ Jamie's Antiques who always sends me information and complimentary tickets for shows. Her specialties are varied but she always has her jewelry color coordinated so it is easy to find just the right necklace and bracelet and earrings and pins to go with an outfit. In the past, I have mostly zeroed in on her Miriam Haskell items. See some things below. Her next show schedule is:

Feb. 4 and 5 @ Manhattan Vintage Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th ST, NYC -Hrs. Friday 1-8 and Sat. 11-6 Booth 56 with Admission $20. You can visit for more information.
I will post her next show info for next week and the week after on my next posting.

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