Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday- Oct 27th- The beginnng of Printmaking

Hello Readers!
I am back from the Center for Contemporary Printmaking and am exhausted from the first day of my 4 consecutive day workshop with Ron Pokrasso, who is teaching 8 students different monotype styles and printmaking techniques. He lives in Santa Fe, NM when he is not traveling throughout the country, and I feel blessed to be able to share in his talent and techniques, and eat up every tasty morsel of his experience.
It goes from about 10 AM-4 PM respectively, except today it lasted until after 5:00 PM as Ron shared some of his own work in his portfolio as well as some very talented class members that he has tutored in the past.

The morning was spent with some simple and straightforward instruction and Ron's working a quick  monotype drawing/painting. Then he showed us the fundamentals and let us loose in the afternoon. I became frustrated with myself as I don't do well in an abstract art class, but I am looking forward to tomorrow when he lets us in on collage and chine collage as it mixes with printmaking and painting. That is more my milieu as an artist!
Please enjoy some pictures I took of the Center and Ron in his element.

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