Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday evening- Halloween- Oct 31

I am very excited to be announcing the installation of my new mailbox "art" this week. As you can see on my blog, there is the picture of the Mermaid mailbox on the right side which was my original one. I have had it for 7 years and over that period of time, it has become a local stop for dog walkers, neighbors, visitors, and spectators, even some who directly modeled their own boxes after it. But now, I will have the most unique pictorial postal piece, using birds and flight as indicative of the creek behind my home. I partnered with a local mosaic artist, Kathy L. who worked on it with me over the last 4 months. I found/discovered/purchased objects from a variety of antique fairs, flea markets, consignment shops, and small eclectic shops and designed a way to use them in a story about birds around my home.The front of the box spells out "PAR AVION" as a metaphor and literal reference. Kathy has been a "mosiacist" (new word) for a long time and has previously taught her craft when there were classes at Brookfield. She and I met, clicked immediately and found that my vision and her craft could be modeled together into this final beautiful piece. I plan to start a business from doing these boxes, with people coming to me to design their special boxes-  with them telling me their specific "loves" and my finding appropriate objects, colors and shapes and being the artist designing the entire theme. For example, I have a business friend contemplating a start up business specializing in dog grooming and doggie day/ pet care so I suggested making her a box centering around dogs- ceramic, glass, wood, plastic and other materials that would evoke her particular needs. Anyone could think about any subject, animals and birds as well as objects, like old cars and sports, and even ART objects. The mailbox conforms with U S Postal Service rules and could come in small, medium, and large. We have protected this particular box from the freezing temperatures by using material that will neither crack nor disintegrate in the weathers- from cold to hot. All the objects on it are one of a kind, as is the design. I am so excited to introduce it to decorative magazines as well as garden shows where people who live in places where their mailboxes are safe (from vandalism) and who want an expression of themselves and their lifestyle can contact me to develop new and wonderful ways of making Mailbox ART.
Please enjoy looking at the pictures of how it came to fruition, and after it is installed this week, I will post more pictures from its proper place at the end of my driveway.

I hope you can comment on my post so I can find out what you think!


  1. Hi Barbara,

    Your new mailbox is spectacular. I adored your old mermaid box and wasn't sure you could top it, but I think you did!

    I'll be sure to bring my camera along on my morning walk tomorrow and snap some photos so I can spread the word on my blog.

    Warm regards,

  2. Thanks, Susan. I will also post a pic of the bird box at the end of the driveway when I can. Just know that the Mermaid one is safely ensconced on my back porch enjoying a view of the creek and the sunshine overhead!


  3. I saw your mailbox on Susan's blog. It is simply wonderful! The detail is amazing.

  4. I thought the mermail box could not be topped, but this just leave me speechless..........
    xo, suzy