Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday and what the weekend ahead brings...

Hello Friends and Family:
Thank you for visiting my new blog, even though a spelling error had escaped in my previous spelling of cloisonne.
I am really excited to start to share with you what the future will hold regarding antiquing events in CT and NY, visiting local flea markets and consignment stores for discarded treasures, and my enthusiasm with taking a workshop by a recognized artist in RESIDENCE= Ron Pokrasso @ the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. If you don't know about this small jewel of artistic pursuits, please visit them @ and see their current  exhibit featuring the work of Grace Shanley and Ron Pokrasso called: Recurrence of Memory. This show continues from September 16 through November 6. Don't miss it if you are near Mathews Park in Norwalk!
Tonight at sundown starts the Yom Kippur holiday and ends tomorrow evening with a break-the-fast meal. On Sunday, Sept. 19th, I will be going to the Cord Show event called the 3rd Putnam County Antiques Fair and Fall Plants and Produce Sale. It is an indoor show in Putnam County if you are interested visit their website @ www.cordshows.coms and get on their email list for their schedule. They send coupons for discount admissions. Anyway, I have a few vendors I have done business with at this event- specifically, Cherished Treasures owned and operated by Marcia C. who furnishes fabulous quality vintage jewelry for every part of the human body and who has a deep knowledge about provenance and resources available. See her for the most comprehensive retro jewelry and accessories that are trending NOW! The hours are 10-5 but get there no later than 2:00 PM as a lot of the booths start packing up by 4:00. I have found resources for my vintage buttons there as well as small pieces to add to my mosaic art projects.
As a matter of fact, yesterday I culled the small crowded aisles of Furniture on Consignment on the Post Rd. in Westport and found a number of small procelain "objets" to add to my work in progress- my aviary mailbox I am looking to debut soon as the newest landmark for Bell Island.
To be continued and thank you for following my journey as it develops...

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