Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday-Sept 27- The first of many reflections on my past artistic project

Recently, a friend/client told me that they sold their home and were moving to another town nearby. I knew they had been looking to do just such a thing, but I privately hoped they and their entire family would stay in the beautiful home that we all did together. It was a wonderful project we embarked on.
It started when they first contemplated buying the house and I went on the House Inspection with them. As we spent so many hours there waiting for the inspector to do his thing, crawling into every seam of the house, we discussed all the ideas we had to make their new home a reflection of the prospective new owner, THEM! So much came out of that first, virginal run through as we all looked at the project from different eyes.
After that, I sat down with all the information that had been spewed out, and organized it into an understandable and worthwhile endeavor with a budget and with a time frame for doing the pieces of the house, all prioritized. They hired me on as designer/project manager/fiscal overseer and general hands on director of the project which lasted approximately 2.5 months in order to get them into the house. It ended up that I stayed for almost 6 months to finish up all the details, concluding in staging a beautiful Xmas celebration that year for all family, business acquaintances and dear friends, debuting their new digs for everyone to see. We all were proud of our efforts as even their children actively participated in the styling of their personal spaces. Now, sadly, about 10 years later, although the house has held up to the changing trends by being a classic,warm and intimate residence with my artistic touches,the photos tell the tale, depicting the aging of the family and ultimately all the children leaving their comfortable nest for their own futures.
I have included some pictures of details I just took before they leave the premises. I bid them all a fond "adieu"- the children I created there (my art) and their children and family members who I hope I will get a chance to help create the same ambiance in their homes as time goes on.

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