Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday evening

Hi all:
I did indeed go to the Cord show in Patterson, NY today. It took about an hour from here but the weather was really pretty and lots of farmstands to stop by on the way up Route 22. I was on a mission. I was there looking for small items- jewelry and porcelains- for the new mosaic mailbox in progress. First, I found a trove of small china thimbles with birds and flowers painted on them as well as a cloisonne one- all for $2 a piece! What a find! I also picked up a number of small jeweled pins of birds in flight and bugs, dragonflies, butterflies, and even a precious owl- in gold and rhinestones. The best item was 2 lovebirds/bluebirds sitting on a branch that looked almost cartoonlike in painted metal. What a fun thing for the side of the box among the branches of tile and sea glass. I am thrilled!
Can't wait to post pictures soon of the progress the box has made from start to finish.

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  1. great to see your work on line at last. Fabulously decorative stuff.