Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday- Sept 22- Helpful Fashion Hint

If you collect vintage buttons to any extent, although I am not necessarily referring to the extremes I go, then sometimes you will find a way to pull them out and use them to just update a new purchase like a sweater or coat or even an old garment needing a lift into the new millenium. I just scored a fabulous rust wool challis paisley cardigan coat with faux fur cuffs and collar but it needed something on the front as the closures were hidden hooks and eyes. Voila! Out came the veritable scores of large antique button cards I have amassed in my collection, and I found a number of them that would look exotic and right for an artistic touch to place at the top closure.
Whenever I take out my collection of buttons and small costume jewelry pins and things, my mind goes crazy with ideas of how to use them in my home. As you can see on the pics I have up on the site, I have applied them to painting frames and also mirrors, ad infinitum. I load them up by category (color, size, quality) and one by one make my composition- using my trusty hot glue gun. Recently, I was in the Berkshires over the summer months, and went to a crafts fair where a vendor was wiring them together into jewelry and hair ornaments. She had scads for sale and I suggested she make small hair combs with buttons and also earrings with post backs as I had a resource years ago called Once Again (sadly,no longer in business) who did it very successfully. This young woman up in Pittsfield is beginning her foray into the world of arts and crafts and if you are interested, you can find her business Buttons, Buttons, Everywhere!@

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